What our clients have to say:

Emily Mikhaiel did an outstanding job of selling our house in Beaverton. She went above and beyond the call of duty. Since we live several hours away, we relied on her to set up contractors, inspections, set up and meet with appointments etc. She is very knowledgeable, professional, and reliable. She communicated with us on every aspect , and we always felt well informed at each step. We could not have done it without her!
We highly recommend Emily to anyone that is interested in selling or buying a home.
Thank you Emily!
— Karen Molloy
Sylvia Oglesbee is an outstanding real estate agent. Probably her best kept secret is that she places her client’s interests uppermost in all of her work. Her skills are revealed by consistently out-selling all her colleagues in her office. Sylvia is personable and enthusiastic which, I believe, would be well displayed by talking with her or allowing her to present a viewpoint on TV. Even her French accent is endearing! Sylvia is one of very few real estate agents active and licensed to sell a broad spectrum of real estate types from single family homes to large apartment complexes and other commercial properties. She is unusually well-informed on a large variety of real estate issues and can discuss them all with a big smile, enthusiasm, self assurance and poise. Sylvia is fun to be around.
— David Rand
Emily, I just wanted to let you know that I very much appreciate all the work you did for us. There was ups and downs for sure but you kept cool and are a pleasure to work with. I really admire your grace, diligence, professionalism, and lightheartedness.
And in the end we came up with something great, and we are going to make it classy and beautiful, in your honor. I wish you many successful house closings in your future. You have so much to offer, a winning combination of assets and we were very lucky to have worked with you.
— Alethea Ward
It is with pleasure that I write this recommendation for Sylvia Oglesbee. She has been a close friend for many years and I have seen her succeed and flourish in the real estate industry. I have always been inspired by her and watched her build her real estate portfolio from one home to many properties. Eventually, she received her own real estate license to help others also purchase property.
Sylvia encouraged me to purchase my own property, and when I was ready, walked me through the process making it a wonderful experience. She found the perfect place and connected me with all the right people to make it happen. Not only is she a consummate professional, she brings a personal quality and her own experience to the table to the benefit of her clients. When it was time to sell my home, Sylvia again came to the plate and lined everything up for a quick sale. I would highly recommend her services for anyone looking to buy or sell real estate, whether for their own home or for investment purposes. She has professionalism, personality, polish, and pizzazz that will make the endeavor a truly positive one. I am so happy that I’ve had her expertise for both the purchase and sale of my home.
— Phaedra Pardue-Simon
Emily Mikhaiel helped me check all the boxes in my search for a home in Central Oregon. She spent much time taking me to houses fitting my criteria and arranging showings. I could not have navigated the complexities of the local real estate market without her help. She was always friendly, positive, and enthusiastic making my lengthy search an enjoyable experience. I appreciated her knowledge and preparation of all the paperwork I needed to sign. I would highly recommend Emily to anyone looking for a home in Oregon. Thank you Emily!
— Sue Bertsch
Sylvia Oglesbee has been our real estate agent since 2005, when she helped us find and buy our house in the Cathedral Park neighborhood of St. Johns in Portland. We bought a 1967 ranch that needed a great deal of renovation, we wanted a fixer so that we could add our own value in a renovation. Sylvia understood this and worked to help us find the best deal with the best potential within our budget. Working with Sylvia, we felt we had an advocate for us and our needs as home buyers.
Sylvia also brought her business acumen as a real estate investor to the table. As the owner of real estate rental property, Sylvia was also able to advise us when we had to rent out our house. She was able to share with us her experience and help us choose good tenants. As first-time home buyers and landlords, we were indebted to Sylvia’s knowledge and experience to guide us through this process.
Two years after we bought our house and with extensive renovations, our property is worth at least 50% more than our original investment.
We highly recommend Sylvia Oglesbee to any prospective home buyer or investor. In fact, we have recommended Sylvia to several family and friends, all of whom were very satisfied with her representation as a real estate agent.
— Sabina Chen and Blake Clark
Sylvia has been my real estate agent for over four years where she has helped me truly discern good deals vs. bad deals. I am a real estate investor and bought my first home at the age of 24 thanks to Sylvia. I have now purchased and or sold six homes thanks to her creative suggestions and guidance in helping me see real estate in a different way.
Two years ago I had a choice between purchasing two rental homes. The first was a move-in ready 1200 sq ft. home, 2 bedroom/1 bath, listed at $155,000. It was completely finished and seemed like an investor’s dream. Sylvia then found a home that was 1375 sq ft., 2 bedroom/1 bath, listed at $145,000 that needed a lot of cosmetic work. The thing that was interesting about this house is at first glance it seemed like an investor’s nightmare, but as Sylvia explained the potential in easily converting the “bonus room” into a legal master bedroom by adding a closet and changing the oversized laundry room into a second bath I was able to see the immediate potential in increased value. I took Sylvia’s suggestions to heart and it paid off! In one month my 2 bedroom, 1 bath investment home had been converted to a 3 bedroom/2 bath for a total of $18,500.00. I then flipped the house for $255,000, leaving myself a profit of $91,500.00.
— Amianne DeLong
Emily Mikhaiel was an absolutely wonderful realtor. We were new to the area and had to find something on a short timeline. Emily worked incredibly hard for our family and not only found us our dream home in a great neighborhood but also connected us with a lovely contractor who is remodeling our home. Emily made a normally stressful process very simple and easy. She is a great listener and is detail oriented, flexible, and honest. We could not have found a better realtor and appreciate how easy she made it for us to buy our first home as a family.
— Corey Hope Leaffer and Zev Nicholson
We first met Sylvia over 4 years ago when we were trying to find the perfect house to rent. We immediately hit it off and loved the house she was renting, so we snatched it up. Sylvia and her husband Randy were the best landlords EVER! After years of problematic landlord situations it was a breath of fresh air. They also became our mentors, teaching us about real estate investing and how easy it is.
When we were ready to start looking to buy our own house there was no question about who to call - Sylvia! We found a great house, a great deal and it was a piece of cake. Less than a year later after the value of our house raised from $200K to $270K thanks to some minor renovations and a great market, we took that equity to buy our first rental property. Again, Sylvia was right there with us every step of the way. She was such an asset because as the owner of over 14 rental properties, she knows what to look for in a rental. We found a great move-in ready house in St. Johns and ever since then being a landlord has been so easy. We never had an ounce of hesitation due to Sylvia’s stellar advice.
We wholeheartedly recommend Sylvia for the first-time home buyer as well as the seasoned investor, she is truly a gem.
— Meghan & Jon Bachman
We just wanted to say we really do appreciate the way we were treated throughout this whole experience. We understand that we don’t walk into an office dripping money or looking to buy several multi-million-dollar homes. Working with us might mean a little extra work for you guys and we certainly know you won’t be retiring early on any gains you get from working with us. Some folks would have treated us differently because of that and you all never did. Not even close. You treated us with respect, patience, kindness and fairness when others may have turned their noses up at us. We noticed it, believe me, and we appreciate it more than you’ll know. And your work, service, attention to detail and every aspect of this we’ve seen has been top-notch.
We hope that it worked out OK for all of you too, but if, as Dawn you said to me once, the real payoff for you all is the positive referrals or word-of-mouth that may benefit you all and your endeavors down the line, well we can assure you that you’ll be getting that from us. Only risk for you all is that you may end up with a bunch more weird underpaid non-profit workers ringing your phones off the hook wanting you to work miracles for them next!
Seriously though, I don’t think we realized till we started seeing how awful the seller’s agent is how much difference there is in who you get to work with you on these things. Wow. THAT was an eye-opener. You all are exceptional. We’ll tell anyone who’s interested and likely several who aren’t that you guys are all the best in the business.
— Alan & Gilly Lyons
I want to provide you with some feedback regarding your agent Sylvia Oglesbee. Over the last 12 months, Sylvia has sold 3 houses for my wife and me. She is the most creative, effective real estate agent that I have had the pleasure of working with.
In each of our recent transactions, Sylvia acting as the listing agent, found and developed the buyers through her own proactive sales effort. Through the entire process she was always working with us, as the seller, and the buyers to creatively and quickly resolve issues or objections to create a successful outcome.
She has high integrity and was really effective in keeping us apprised of the status through the process. I could not be more pleased with the assistance that Sylvia provided us and I recommend her highly to others who are looking to sell or buy a house.
— Bradley A Zenger